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items file
« on: September 29, 2007, 12:38:04 pm »
ok- so i know nothing about php and reply alot on the package manager-
but, i was wondering- for things like a rock, couldnt i just copy that whole php file to a new page, rename it say, bird.php, and change out the references to rock in the script and call it bird?
i got an error when i tried so obviously i did something wrong-

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Re: items file
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2009, 05:02:43 pm »
I realize this is a pretty old thread, but wanted to reply how easy it is to add misc shop items for those that may not know how or think it's too hard.

Find free images in off the internet or make your own. Copy them to a folder on your hard drive. (Example: My Documents/Forum Files/Mods/Images)

FTP (upload) them from your hard drive location to your www.BlahBlahForumSite/Sources/shop/item_images folder. To add them, choose that you are adding a "A Test Item". Give it a name, description, price, etc. Select the image from your shop images folder. Make sure the box is unchecked to delete after use.

There are a lot of images already in the shop images folder. Make use of some of those too.  O0 The possibilities are pretty much endless.

I've added some of these items, trying to think of things people would want to buy:

Beer       MaiTai       Mojito

Dancing Stewie    Table Dancer

Roses        Balloons          Kiss


Popular for some users  :buck2:

7-Up     Greasy Nachos     Pizza