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I'm proud to annouce that SMFShop 3.0 is now out! The code has been cleaned up a lot, and it also has a few more features. All the features I listed in the Feature highlights in new version of SMFShop topic are present, along with a few more.

Changes in this release
 - Lots of code cleanup
 - Category support: You can now categorise your items
 - Permissions: You can disable access to the shop for certain membergroups
 - Bonuses per character and word: Give bonuses to a user depending on the number of characters or words in their post
 - Bank deposit/withdrawl fees
 - Option to not delete item after use: Great for items you'd like members to keep
 - When editing an item, you can now edit the item_info (custom info entered when adding the item)
 - Several minor formatting changes
 - Fixed problem with SMF 1.1's "Find Members" popup
 - Bold the current section on the left menu
 - In "10 Richest Members" list, have links to their profiles
 - When sending an item to someone, show an error if they don't exist
 - Allow floating point values for interest
 - And several other (minor things)... See the full changelog at

Download it from the DanSoft Australia site, as usual :).

Note that I didn't have much time to look for bugs. All the large bugs have been fixed, but there may be some smaller bugs (especially with the upgrade package). Please tell me if you encounter any problems ;)

I hope you enjoy this release, I spent ages on it :)
EDIT: Here's a nice Lines of Code graph (yes, I know release-2.3 is at the wrong date, that's my fault :P):


wow!! some nice new features!!

does it have logging of sold / used item..

great work!!


--- Quote ---does it have logging of sold / used item..
--- End quote ---
Sorry, no logging yet, I didn't have time to implement it...

Hi Daniel,
Congrats on the new launch but -
Here's an error I got when I tried to upgrade
9.     Execute Modification     ./Sources/ManagePermissions.php     Test failed
Also, I uninstalled my earlier SMF shop & tried the fresh install. Still I got the same result.

Forum URL -

39. Execute Modification ./Sources/ManagePermissions.php Test failed


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