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Latest development code for Beta testers!

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NOTE: The development code may not be stable, and should NOT be used in a production environment! Please use this on a fresh install ONLY
Does anyone want to beta test the latest development code for SMFShop? I've set up an SVN repository so that you can easily get the latest development code.

Ok, to get the code, you'll need a program called 'TortoiseSVN'. Once you install TortoiseSVN, you'll need to restart your computer (as it installs itself as a shell extension). Once you've restarted, create a new folder (anywhere on your computer, maybe in your My Documents folder, or on the Desktop?). Then, right-click the file, and you should see some TortoiseSVN options. Click on the 'SVN Checkout' option

Then, you'll need to input the path to the SMFShop repository. In the 'URL of repository' textbox, please put: Finally, click on 'OK'.

Congratulations! You now have the latest testing code! If you add this code to a ZIP file, you should be able to install it using the SMF package manager. If that fails, the changes are documented in the svn_changelog.txt file, so you can get the released version, install it, and then update it yourself (manually).

Additionally, if I release some newer testing code, and you want to upgrade your code to the very latest, then just right-click on the folder and choose 'SVN Update'. This will check for updates, and download any changed files. Please check the svn_changelog.txt for all the details on what I've changed.

Another good thing about SVN is the nice web interface. If you go to , you'll see the web interface for this SVN repository. From this interface, you can see all the files in the repository, and what changed have been done to them. To see a 'diff' (basically, show the difference between two versions), then click on the file you want to see, and then choose 'Diff to previous x' at  the top of the page. You can also see the difference between two different revisions, by using the textboxes and buttons at the bottom of the page...

Have fun!

Updated 19th August 2006: Changed URL to new one.
Updated 8th April 2007: Changed URL again

Installed on fresh smf installation. Works good! :) The full version should contain new items though.

So there's no bugs with it? :D

Oh yeah, I forgot to say, if you change any bit of the code (to fix a bug, or add a new feature, or something), you can get a 'patch' which can be sent to me. This is good, as people can fix bugs, and then send me a patch so I can apply it to my code :D

No. No bugs that I saw. I didn't mess with it for an overly long time, but I saw nothing.

can you tell us what's new? that is, before we download and try...


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