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Information on upgrading to SMF 1.1 Final

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Note: These instructions are old. Please see the Using SMFShop 2.3 on SMF 1.0? Here's how to upgrade to SMFShop 3.0 on SMF 1.1 topic!

If you're upgrading to SMF 1.1 Final, please note that it uninstalls all currently-installed MODs. To reinstall SMFShop once the upgrade is completed, follow these steps:
1) Delete your current SMFShop 2.3 installation package from the Package Manager
2) Download the SMF 1.1-compatible package from
3) Upload the newly-downloaded package, and install it. It should install fine, and once it's done, your shop should be working again (and people should still have the same amount of credits as they did before the upgrade)

Please reply here if you have any problems regarding the upgrade.

I upgraded to SMF 1.1.1 and there's no link to uninstall SMFShop
It's just "Show files" and "Remove"

Oh, that's because the SMFShop package in your packge cache doesn't support SMF 1.1.1, so it doesn't have an uninstall link.
To fix this, download the SMFShop ZIP file from the Packages directory, and open it on your computer. Replace the package-info.xml file with the one attached, and reupload the package. It should now show the Uninstall link

fixed ;)
thanx :)


everyones points at my forum are gone

EDIT: ****! I think this is for 1.1 not 1.1.1 because thats what i though it was for.


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