Author Topic: How to change money upper limit (9,999,999)  (Read 10692 times)

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How to change money upper limit (9,999,999)
« on: February 05, 2006, 08:48:37 am »
Well, some people have noticed an upper limit of 9,999,999 for the money in pocket/bank. Some people were wondering how to make the limit greater. Well, you need to have access to cPanel/DirectAdmin or something else with phpMyAdmin access...

Just follow these steps:
1) Log in to your cPanel
2) Click on MySQL Databases and then 'phpMyAdmin'
3) On the left hand side, click on your forum's database (in the dropdown box)
4) Underneath the drop down box, there should be a list of all the tables. Click on 'smf_members'
5) Tick the box next to 'money' and 'moneyBank', and then click the edit button under 'With selected'(it looks like a pencil)
6) Where it says '9,2', change that to whatever you want. The '9' is how many numbers in total, and the '2' is how many numbers after the decimal point. You might want to type '15,2' or something.

Fixed :D
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Re: How to change money upper limit (9,999,999)
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that the SMFShop 'Buy Stuff' page does not display properly in FireFox (the page is moved to the right. The same page displays fine in Opera and Internet Explorer. For anyone encountering this problem, could you please try this fix: