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a new pillar industry in rovince
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Using the most advanced fly ash milling equipment, the choice of the Raymond mill model, and comply with the development trend of new markets for building materials, production of energy saving and environmental protection building materials. On the basis of eliminating the environmental pressure, the Company produces fly ash autoclaved bricks, fly ash aerated concrete blocks, gypsum plasterboard and other products, realizing the magnificent counterattack of industrial solid waste.
So far,  City fly ash recycling project annual output value of about 5.5 billion yuan, accounting for 5% of the city's industrial output value. As a new pillar industry in rovince, the transition of fly ash to building materials will be an opportunity for  economic restructuring. As the local enterprises said, 'the park's enterprises will make joint efforts to feed the fly ash to' eat dried pressed ', repay the common people's care and expectation to us, and also local people's blue sky and white clouds'