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the operation of ultrafine mill work
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The first is the choice of equipment, quality and performance of the reliable, excellent performance and quality, is to ensure the normal work of the machine's preconditions, the realization of this point is to pay attention to the purchase of the problem;

Followed by the operation of ultrafine mill work, for example, before the maintenance of the boot: check the machine's circuit to prevent its integrity and no leakage, and then look at the oil and the quality of oil, as well as the lubrication of various parts;

Once again, when the ultrafine mill is turned on, the specific order cannot be disordered to prevent production damage. When the shutdown is performed, it must be performed in a specific order. Generally, the feeder is closed first and then the host is closed to prevent the material from inside the equipment. Blockage phenomenon;

One point is to ensure that the ultrafine mill is continuously and uniformly fed during production. This is an important point and it is an important basis for the machine's ability to ensure efficiency, and the material must not contain other non-producible substances, preventing the damage;
The above describes the reliable work in ultrafine mill production, mainly referring to the phenomenon of low failure rate, and then describes how to ensure the reliability of its work and help the material production process to proceed smoothly.