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Items / New Item: Steal Logged In Time
« on: May 20, 2008, 09:50:19 am »
Huh, I already posted this here but it didn't seem to register.  Got deleted or something....

Anyways, this mod allows you to steal logged in time from another user.

And to see it in action; you can go here:
(Need to register first though)

Although posting in this topic should get you help soon.


Items / New Item - Steal Logged In Time
« on: May 19, 2008, 05:13:00 am »
Hi guys,
My first mod, item, or anything really!

This is, quite simple, an item that allows you to steal logged in time from another user.

  • Allows forum admin to set % chance of a successful steal
  • Allows forum admin to set the amount of time stolen
  • Takes karma away from robber - this amount is determined by the forum admin when setting up the item
  • Can be a different amount of karma lost for both successful and failed steals (and by setting this to zero, you can eliminate the loss of karma)
  • Sends PM to the victim

Release notes:
~No image included, but I like to pair the IronDevil.gif image with this
~Will not allow a user's time to go below zero
~NOT a SMF package.  You must FTP in the file

To install the item; FTP it into the directory where your items live.
Assuming that your SMF directory is; the script needs to go into where it will stay happily ever after.

Current version is 1.0


I should be checking back here often.  There's also a release topic on my newborn website here.
If something is urgent; that might be a good place to post / look for known bugs.

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