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Wizards Gallery
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Images of this mod in use -

Wizards Gallery Version 3.7

BY: The Wizard

For SMF Version 2.0.2 with SMF Shop Mod


The Wizards Gallery allows you to buy, and show images of the items you have in inventory.
Instead of just having text saying this user has Mickey Mouse wouldn't it be cool if you could show everyone a image of Mickey Mouse?
That's what Wizards Gallery mod sets out to do. The uses for this mod are endless it all depends on your imagination.
I have included a Disney Item Pack in this mod as a sample of what you can do.

Link to Download Wizards Gallery


This mod is made to be installed using the package manager and has only been tested on SMF 2.0.2.
It should run fine on any SMF 2.X version. This mod will not work with a SMF 1.X version.


Now just go to your shop, and buy a item - Example - Mickey Mouse.
Once you own Mickey mouse in your inventory just use the item Mickey Mouse, and a image of Mickey Mouse will appear under your avatar.
you are now the owner of Mickey Mouse. Since I had to use small images as not to screw up the post area I added a popup feature.
Just click on the small image of Mickey Mouse under your avatar, and a popup page will appear showing you a larger image of Mickey Mouse.

Note: Once you use a item it becomes yours, and you can not trade or give away the item. If you plan to trade or give the item away leave it in your inventory.


Go to the Shops link bar and choose -

Remove item from Gallery

follow the removal directions.


The Wizard

Please use the modification thread for support with this modification.
(Please don't ask me to do the edits for you)

Language Support
- English

I would like to thank the following users on SMF -
Suki, emanuele, Arantor, SA, Sorck, vbgamer45, The Craw, yoshi2889, Kays, Kindred, Labradoodle-360, and anybody I forgot for all their help and support in the creation of this mod.

NOTE: This MOD is now undergoing testing and approval by SMF
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Re: Wizards Gallery
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This is exactly what I want....but it wont download!!!  Bah.