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pandora charm bracelet
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pandora rings Today’s post brings my first review from the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 assortment, with a closer look at the new Flourishing Soul pendant! This charm was released early in britain, as we celebrate Mothering Sunday next weekend – it will come out in most states in April.

pandora charms The Flourishing Hearts pendant is actually lovely in its simpleness, featuring arching silver branches encased in a beaded silver heart. That isn’t overly oxidised, though the branches refletcing each additional give it a darker look that help it become seem as though it really is. All the branches will be beautifully defined, and the design curves outwards, adding to help its shine.

pandora necklace A common complaint among Pandora collectors is always that they produce too several on heart charms – plus yes, this is one more thing heart design, but I'm always more forgiving when hearts are used in a more fascinating way. The little silver heart tucked away into the left and the overall shape of the pendant are sugary, but not bland in the manner that some of that button heart designs are. As the stock photograph shows, the hallmarks are within the bail.

pandora charm bracelet The back of the charm does not offer so much to see – the branches are flat instead of so sculpted, and the light doesn’t catch the details as much on this side. It’s still pretty, though. The charm overall can be quite light and delicate – it will also hold its own as being a necklace pendant.