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New Item - Picture - Dozen Red Roese for SMF 2.0.2
« on: August 09, 2012, 02:37:21 am »
A Dozen Red Roses
This package is a new item for SMFShop which allows members to send a dozen red roses to another user. Once the item (A Dozen Red Roses) has been used a image of a dozen red roses will show up next to their posts showing the world that they received a dozen red roses form a admirer or a loved one.
A Dozen Red Roses was created for SMF 2.0.2. I suspect it will work in any SMF 2.0, but I can not Guarantee this.
    Do not install this on a SMF 1.x.
This item comes with two images of a dozen red roses. One is a thumb nail to be used in the shop system and the other is a bigger image to be used on the users posts. You may change the images to whatever you want. The images are stored in Sources/shop/wizard_images/ and Sources/shop/item_images

   The image of the dozen red roses was taken from yahoo free images.

   (c) 2012 The Wizard

   Version: 1.2 Beta

This mod was based off Organic's - Two Dozen Red Roses

I would like to thank the following users on SMF - emanuele, Arantor, SA, Sorck, vbgamer45, The Craw, yoshi2889, Kays, Kindred and anybody I forgot for all their help and support in the creation of this mod.

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Re: New Item - Picture - Dozen Red Roese for SMF 2.0.2
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The item above is a BETA Version. Feel free to change any or all of the code.

Please note I'm not a very good programmer yet and so I can only offer limited support.

My goal is to create a mini gallery under gender on a users posts that will show up to 9 items at a time. You will be able to click on any of the small images and a big one will appear (Makes it easy to see all the detail). The user will be able to buy these items in the store and then use them. The Dozen Red Roses is just a small example. Right now I'm running a 1.1.16 board and a smf 2.0.2 test forum. As soon as I get this idea working I plan on upgrading to the smf 2.0.2 board.

If any admin or mod is reading this post please create a SMF 2.0.2 area so users can post their problems and new items there. Thanks! - Just makes it easier to find the 2.0 stuff!

Feel free to make suggestions or leave comments.


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Re: New Item - Picture - Dozen Red Roese for SMF 2.0.2
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2012, 08:35:50 am »
Does not give you the field for who to send the roses too.

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Re: New Item - Picture - Dozen Red Roese for SMF 2.0.2
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Thank you for pointing this problem out and I will work on the issue for the version of Wizard Gallery. In the meantime Please uninstall this Beta and use Wizards Gallery -,2550.msg10120.html#msg10120

I think you will like this - Let me know what you think?

It's still lacking a few things and you are welcome to comment on how I can improve the next version.


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