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Know The Mechanics Is Pretty Important In PoE
« on: May 15, 2018, 05:45:30 pm »
Generally you can pick like any spell on a 4L and beat the base game. Even min-maxed, some builds are better suited for certain content than others. Maybe if you picked nothing but stats and found some anti-synergy you could make a bad character, but the base game is approachable by any casual standards. Now before you rush out there and buy PoE orbs cheap.

Knowing the mechanics is pretty important, if you are getting stunned a lot while leveling, you probably need more life. Getting stunned isn't readily apparent, but is very detrimental to your enjoyment/mental health. It really punishes not having enough hp. Or if you want to make an ES character (even HP+mana --MoM) stunning is an issue that needs to be handled.

But the joy of PoE is that there are many ways around this one mechanic, from unique items to pantheon choice, to how you approach the game mechanically (i.e totems and playing super safe). And there are many more aspects of the game like this. Just know that the game gets harder fairly linearly and during mapping you kindof make your own difficulty, culminating into rewarding boss fights along the way with elder mechanics/labyrinth, and at the very end with shaper/uber elder.

Anyways if you are worried about messing up a character, just know that even following a guide you wont be able to find the exact gear the dude has and how to compensate, or know just how much some of the gear was worth. A buddy of mine stopped playing after following some SRS auramancer guide, the build he followed had some extremely pricey gear that was required for it to work.  And if you are looking for some cool PoE builds, you can find them here, we U4GM will be your best partner in PoE forever. U4GM can not only provide best PoE Trade Currency but also best solutions for all players, we will help you to enjoy more fun in this game.