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energy saving sand making machine
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Sand making machine is to the present state of our natural sand resources is scarce in the specially developed type finely crushing equipment, sand making machine is mainly used for artificial mechanism of sand production, it not only solved due to lack of the natural resource of the yellow sand and gravel aggregate supply, the price soaring, but also can make use of waste concrete, waste lime and other waste sand preparation mechanism, not only the cost is low, making sand and has higher environmental benefits.

Wear less and wear well
In the process of sand making machine production, stone can protect the underlying formation, the material to impact between broken, not direct contact with metal components, but the lining with material shattered by shock, friction, reduce the wear and tear of the equipment and its parts.

Significant energy saving and low production cost
Sand making machine can according to the requirements of the material nature or broken to varying degrees of broken material, for the user to reduce a lot of unnecessary energy consumption, and small application passes through the device again after crushing processing can become a qualified application, can be directly for the use, no other devices for secondary processing work, for the user to save a large amount of investment cost.

Unique technology and high wear resistance
System sand machine hammer head with high wear resistance high fierce steel quality and its impact resistance and toughness is very high, in addition, the frame is higher welding technology, strong stability, work without a great vibration phenomenon, high wear resistance, advanced equipment parts.

Good seal and no pollution.
In addition to the water seal components, the structure design is reasonable and compact, and the clearance between the parts is reduced to prevent the dust from entering. At the same time, the broken material in the inner vortex cavity of the machine is ingenious in the circulation of air, eliminating the pollution of dust, doing its best to make the environment pollution-free, and then realizing green production.