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TORONTO a€“ Coaches, parents, agents, friends, teammates, they all keep telling Morgan Rielly the same thing and hea€?s tired of it. The 20-year-old Maple Leafs defender doesna€?t believe, even remotely, in the myth of the sophomore jinx despite everything hea€?s heard about it. They all keep telling him to lower his expectations, to prepare for the dip many experience in their second twirl through the NHL, to simply shoot for the status quo of a standout rookie year. Rielly rejects it. He wants more and is determined to prove it. a€?Therea€?s people trying to say a€?just try to do what you did last yeara€? but I want to try to improve this year and I want to try to make a difference on this team, try to be a leader,a€? said Rielly in conversation with a€?Ia€?m not going to be okay with being good or average, I want to be even better.a€? Rielly doesna€?t buy the questionable rationale of the sophomore slump. He doesna€?t think therea€?s any reason his play should dip after a rookie trial that saw him get better and better over the course of 73 games. Whata€?s to stop him from taking all that he did and learned as a first-year player and improving upon it? a€?Absolutely,a€? he says before repeating the word once more. a€?Absolutely. Therea€?s always players that have those slumps, wea€?ve talked about that. Ia€?ve heard all about that stuff, but therea€?s plenty of players that have had great years after their first year; like Drew Doughty, like Kris Letang, have all had really good [sophomore] years. I think thata€?s what Ia€?m trying to focus on. Ia€?m not trying to focus on the guys that have had slumps. I want to be like the guys that have had great years going into their sophomore years.a€? He keeps hearing, though, that he should be prepared for the falloff, the advice trickling in from all walks of life. And while Rielly appreciates the sentiment, he also has no intention of limiting himself in a year that kicks off in less than a week. He wants to tell them all a€“ coaches, parents, agents, teammates, all of them a€“ that he can handle himself, that hea€?ll be just fine. Sophomore or not, hea€?s going to improve. He knows Doughty did it. The Kings cornerstone and 2014 Olympic hero leaped from six goals and 27 points as a rookie to 16 goals, 59 points, and a Norris Trophy nomination as a sophomore. Letang, near the top of Riellya€?s hockey idols, virtually doubled his production from year one to year two; six goals and 17 points as a Penguins rookie to 10 and 33, not to mention a dominant playoff run. But even Riellya€?s head coach here in Toronto, Randy Carlyle, treads carefully around the subject. Hea€?s told Rielly as much. a€?When I chat with Randy he always told me to just not have high expectations and just try to come back this year and try to do what I did last year,a€? Rielly said of his conversations with Carlyle. a€?But I mean I dona€?t know if thata€?s my personal goal. I think I want to make improvements in a whole lot of areas. Ia€?m going to try to do that this year, just try to get better every day and just keep learning. Ia€?ve only played one year so Ia€?ve got lots of room to learn and improve.a€? Carlyle is fearful of thrusting too much on the shoulders of his young defender, especially in a market that tends to swallow its own. a€?I dona€?t like to put any pressure on a young player, specifically a second year player because we all have heard of the sophomore jinx,a€? he said. a€?I would rather caution ourselves and tread against giving him too much too early; just get his feet underneath him and do what he did last year until hea€?s very comfortable.a€? Rielly learned a lot in that first year, so much that he doesna€?t know where to start when questioned on the subject. What stands out first, he said, is just how difficult the league is, how it will eat you up in a hurry if youa€?re not ready for it. There are no nights off. a€?In junior,a€? he says, a€?you could just not play great, but I could always get by a€“ score, get an assist, it looks fine. Playing in this league, if youa€?re not playing the best that you can the whole building notices. I think thata€?s one thing, just because the players are so good that if you make one mistake ita€?s probably going to end up in the back of your net. So youa€?ve got to be on point and if youa€?re not, people are going to know.a€? That means learning to perform when the legs dona€?t feel so great, when a cold is kicking in, when youa€?re tired from the third game in four nights. Ita€?s about battling through those things, he says. A surprise to even make the team out of training camp last fall, Rielly got noticeably better with each passing practice, game and day. It was apparent in his swagger on the ice. He was joining the rush with more frequency in February and March. He was taking more chances. He was using the gifts that allowed him to be picked fifth overall in 2012 to stand out on many more nights. If therea€?s one specific area for personal improvement this season, ita€?s in the defensive zone. Rielly, like the team at large, is intent on retrieving the puck quicker, finishing plays more decisively, winning more battles, anything that will allow him and his teammates to spend less time on defence and more time on the attack. He had 27 points as a rookie, two more than Seth Jones, the player picked fourth overall by Nashville in 2013. Peter Horachek, spent a great deal of time behind that Predators bench as the teama€?s No. 2 to Barry Trotz, the since-deposed and now Washington Capitals head coach. He and Trotz shared a rich history in developing NHL defencemen, particularly the two players who would come to define much of the franchisea€?s history: Shea Weber and Ryan Suter. Horachek speaks with admiration for Weber and Suter, calling them friends to this day. He doesna€?t believe in putting limits on emerging young talent. He wants them to learn from their mistakes, grow to be better because of those mistakes. And like Rielly, hea€?s definitely not a believer in that whole jinx thing. a€?His development is limited to himself,a€? said Horachek, the still-new Leafs assistant. a€?Therea€?s no limit. Hea€?s limited only by his maturity of where he is and his decision-making. I hopefully can help him make good decisions and he can continue to grow. a€?I dona€?t believe in any superstitions or second-year jinxes,a€? he continued. a€?Why would a guy not have a good second year? Is it because he relaxes? He doesna€?t train as hard? He feels like Ia€?ve made it, I dona€?t have to be on edge all the time? Every player, no matter if theya€?re in the fifth year or second year, [has] to be ready to play and focus. Thata€?s part of their maturity and mental development is saying Ia€?m ready to practice today, Ia€?m going to do a little bit more today in practice.a€? Rielly, who played just under 18 minutes a game last year, spent most of the offseason back home in Vancouver where he trained alongside Mike Santorelli, one among the newer crop of Leafs. The two have been training together for years, met at the gym when Rielly was still in the 10th grade. a€?Hea€?s a bit more quiet than I am so he keeps me focused,a€? Rielly says of Santorelli, nearly a decade his senior. Rielly kept his workouts the same as in yearsa€? past though he insists on feeling stronger and quicker this fall, his already NHL-ready frame continuing to grow. His drive to improve crosses many paths. He continues to pick the minds of more experienced teammates, searching for tips and bits of advice that will help him conquer his second NHL season. He and the teama€?s captain, Dion Phaneuf, had dinner together recently and discussed such things. Phaneuf was a Calder Trophy finalist as a rookie, busting out of the Red Deer Rebels junior ranks with 20 goals and 49 points for the Flames. He followed it up with 17 more goals and 50 points a€“ numbers Rielly can recount off the top of his head. a€?Ita€?s not really hard-hitting stuff,a€? Rielly says of his conversation with Phaneuf, a€?but he told me what he experienced. He was experiencing exactly what Ia€?m dealing with. He just tried to give me some advice, give me some confidence and have some fun with it.a€? Phaneufa€?s wisdom hinged on confidence and belief in onea€?s own ability. He advised Rielly to ignore what was being said, to brush off the crowing of a furious hockey market that scowls when Phil Kessel goes more than three games without scoring. a€?He told me to not worry about what everybody else is saying,a€? Rielly said. And that, it would appear, is what Rielly is intent on doing. Hea€?s going to ignore the calls for a sophomore slump, ignore rationale that says he should stay the same, ignore anything thata€?s going to keep him from getting even better, from remaining merely good. What does getting better mean? a€?Hard work,a€? he says abruptly. Martin Jones Jersey . -- Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw was placed on the 15-day disabled list Saturday for the first time in his seven-year career because of a swollen muscle in his left upper back. Kevin Labanc Jersey . Or, for that matter, the aged. -- Billy Donovans bench came up big, bailing out top-seeded Florida in a tight game against what was supposed to be an overmatched opponent. Chris Tierney Jersey .A. remained bitter for Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers on the long flight back home to New York. Brenden Dillon Jersey .Y. - Urijah Faber walked out on a Madison Square Garden stage in a Wes Welker jersey, the UFCs fun nod to that other "super" show this weekend.WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers bye week came at a perfect time for quarterback Drew Willy. Willy sprained his throwing shoulder in a Sept. 13 loss to the B.C. Lions but said Friday that extra treatment and rest last week has helped him recover enough to start Saturday when Winnipeg hosts the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. I was here all bye week working with (head athletic therapist Al Couture), kind of doing a bunch of different treatments, just basically doing anything I could do to get the range of motion, strength back, Willy said after the teams walk-through. I feel fine. Im ready to play and Im looking forward to going out there. Thats good news for the Bombers (6-6), whove lost three straight and five-of-their-last six games. Hamilton (4-7) has won its last two games and three of its last four, all since the return of quarterback Zach Collaros, who missed five contests with concussion-like symptoms. Winnipeg head coach Mike OShea said his offence wont have to alter its plans because Willy is coming off an injury. If we had to change the gameplan because of his health, he wouldnt be starting, OShea said. Neither OShea nor Willy are concerned that playing could aggravate the injury. I believe hes as healthy as anybody else, OShea said. I think theres inherent risk in the game of football, but we wouldnt take any undue risk with our quarterback. Willy, who will be backed up by Brian Brohm, agreed. If I didnt feel comfortable, I wouldnt go out there and play, he said. I wouldnt put this team in that situation. I feel comfortable with the progress weve made and the way I feel so Im definitely going to go out there and compete for the guys that work so hard in that lockerroom. Hamilton coach/GM Kent Austin always figured Willy would start. He wouldnt be practising if he wasnt going to play, Austin said. Hamilton enters weekend action tied with Toronto and Montreal (both 4-8) for first in the East Division. The Alouettes visit the Ottawa Redblacks on Friday night. Despite starting the season 5-1, the Bombers are last in the West Division. Winnipeg is also 1-5 against West Division clubs, compared to being 5-1 versus East Division rivals, making Saturdays contest appear to be a good opportunity to get back on track. Having Willy in the lineup improves those chances and Winnipegs offensivve line will try to keep a Hamilton defensive front thats recorded 10 sacks in its last two games off the Bombers starter.dddddddddddd Left tackle Glenn January said thats always the goal. I dont think theres any added pressure this week, January said. Ive said it before, if theres an extra gear, you should be using it already. Hamilton defensive end Eric Norwood had four sacks in last weekends 25-23 home win over Edmonton. And the Ticats look to bolster their pass rush with the addition of end Justin Hickman to the lineup. Hickman had a 13 sacks a€” tied for the league lead with Odell Willis, now with the Edmonton Eskimos a€” with Hamilton in 2011 when he was a league all-star. Hickman then spent the next two years with the NFLs Indianapolis Colts although he missed the 2013 campaign with a foot injury. I can remember back to the battles I used to have with Hickman, some of the tougher ones of my career, January said. It will be a challenge for us because theyre a talented group and theyve got a very complete defensive scheme. Hickman said he always aims to take down the quarterback and Willys injury doesnt add to his motivation. My eagerness to get after the quarterback is unfazed by his health, Hickman said. Hickmans enthusiasm actually has more to do with finally being on the field after his injury. Im ready to hit somebody, Hickman said with a laugh. Hickman admitted he didnt know the extent of Willys injury, adding he and his teammates hadnt discussed it as they were concentrating on game planning. Collaros showed fine form against Edmonton, completing 25-of-35 passes for 318 yards and a TD while running for another to be named the CFLs offensive player of the week. We havent talked about it much, but maybe were starting to turn a corner here, Collaros said. Were playing good football and we need to continue that. Hamilton will be minus talented running back C.J. Gable (shoulder), who was hurt against Edmonton and went on the six-game injured list. Hell be replaced by Mossis Madu. Offensive lineman Jake Olson is also off Hamiltons roster and Jeremy Lewis will take his spot. Winnipeg will make two changes to its starting lineup. Defensive back Johnny Sears replaces Bruce Johnson while Devin Tyler joins the offensive line at right tackle in place of Cordaro Howard. 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