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He's back: Slater signs two-year deal with Patriots
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So even though it may seem like an unconventional time to take stock of what you were hoping to accomplish this 2016, it's actually a great time to recognize your accomplishments.

Did you plan on this being the year when you were going to start eating better, getting plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats? Perhaps you had the goal of taking more time for yourself, coping better with stress, doing a daily meditation, and spending more time with your loved ones?

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We might want to sign up for that trendy yoga class but if you're more of a on the go personality this activity might find you feeling restless rather than finding your inner calm.

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New Year's Resolutions are a great way to set goals for ourselves for the upcoming year. Getting physically fit is an excellent way to keep our health on track, important to so many physiological processes.

These resolutions, however, are sometimes easier said than done, and we can become easily derailed, especially by this time of year. While every authentic sports jersey fitness expert will have suggestions, remember that just doing something you enjoy and that works for you is the key to achieving your fitness goals with consistency.

And before you start setting even loftier goals for 2017, make sure to acknowledge yourself for ALL that you've accomplished this year. Whether it was getting one more training session in a month, running that obstacle race with your girlfriend, or booking that solo adventure jungle trip that you've been putting off for years, congratulate yourself. because every little step counts.

Gratitude and appreciation for yourself is the best ways to encourage these positive behaviours. Recognizing habits to be proud of gives yourself that bump of dopamine and triggers your reward centers to stay motivated, without associating food, alcohol, gifts or external attention. Self gratitude is the fuel that will drive a lifetime of healthy habits.