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« on: January 31, 2007, 07:26:05 am »
Ok, i've been searching for a shop mod a while back and found this (before 3.0). I install the newest version at the time, 2.3, on my forums. All works well, appart from there not being the greatest features in the world.

But then I see the 3.0 update in my email, I'm preaty happy about this and I download and install the 2.3 >> 3.0 update. It takes a while to get it to realy install. But now the shop doesn't work! There's an error when I try to click on the shop button and I can't access the shop anymore! So I'm realy p***ed and keep on experimenting.

 I *think* I uninstalled the shop (after saving everyone's credits because the credits are still show by a user's post) and attempt to install a fresh new 3.0 update. Like that's gonna work all right !! I can't get it to install. So I wonder, is this got anything to do with my database. I check and see that the database tables and info is still there. So I get my friend to delete everything from the tables, he also tells me he can't delete the tables himself for some reason.

I try to install 3.0, it works... OR DOES IT??? It supposedly installed, but when I click on the shop button, it just gets me to the homepage. And furthur more, there's no shop links on my admin pannel!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE **** DO I DO???

My site forums:

I think you (daniel) have already created an account there.

Thanks for bothering to read this.
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Are you sure you reinstalled it? Is it marked as installed in the package manager?
If you PM me with an admin account (and FTP details), I'll see if I can fix it for you :)