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PoE: What Are Some Trap Builds You Can Do?
« on: May 18, 2018, 05:49:57 pm »
It seems like trap skills are going to be in vogue for the next league. What are some trap builds you can do to start out next league? We are proud to offer the best prices on PoE buy Currency that we possibly can we love helping you guys get the players you want and help you make your team as strong as possible.

Lightning trap is already solid, makes for a great starter, even in SSF. Lightning trap is great mechanically for clear as you throw many traps and are able to take advantage of shocking with just one cast+multiple traps.

You can also just take some generic trap/crit nodes are try a bunch yourself. Just know that trap cooldown is still a thing. Definitely more beginner friendly in 3.3, removing the cooldown makes them more viable on non-sab.

Explosive is physical w/ fire conversion, so stat sticking should be very strong, it also doesn't have a cooldown, i'd imagine this being the best bossing trap if you aren't one shotting them with a bow trapper or w/e.

Duration traps like seismic that have a cooldown also seem strong. Keep in mind your defenses, trap limits and have a plan for traps with cooldown/damage conversion and you should be a-ok.

Depends. Either traps will be so overpowered that you have to use them despite the cancerous play style - or they'll still suck and you'll have no reason to play them.. We just don't know yet. Traps are an awful mechanic in a game like this.

Especially in a league thats all about clear speed in a meta thats all about clear speed. Why throw a fucking trap on the ground and wait for a mob to trigger it if I can just cast KB/Sunder/Whatever and clear the room faster. Finally, if you are new to PoE, you can obtain Chaos Orbs PoE available for purchase upon U4GM to start out ones fantastic encounter.