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Peter Bourjos Can Hit
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If you google Peter Bourjos cant hit, youll get 3,040 results. There arent actually that lots of articles about the inadequacies of Bourjos offensive abilities, but there are a lot of these. After the Angels called up Bourjos last year and installed him in center field, he did little to dispel the notion that he would be a defensive wizard who wouldnt have the ability to hit his weight  his 2010 UZR was from the charts (+34.7 UZR/150 in about 1 / 2 of a season), but his .273 wOBA was awful, just like have been expected in line with the scouting reports. There just arent that lots of blazing fast leadoff types who can result in the skillset work without patience or contact ability, and Bourjos hasnt shown either like Micah Hyde Jersey  a profe sional.
However, Im wondering if weve underestimated Bourjos offensive abilities up to now. Yes, hes an impatient hack who relies heavily on his speed, but when you look at the types of hits he actually does get, the Juan Pierre comparisons break apart.
Thus far in the Major League career, Bourjos has 60 base hits, and 25 of those have gone for extra bases. That kind of XBH/H ratio is one thing you expect from a slugging first baseman, especially once you element in that Kent Hull Jersey  10 of his hits came on bunts. When Bourjos makes contact, he actually hits the ball with some authority.
Now, his speed is almost certainly inflating his career .182 ISO to some extent. He gets doubles on balls where slower batters would hold at first, and hes already accumulated six triples, taking extra bases on balls in the gap around the strength of this wheels. The proven fact that Bourjos is appropriate behind Ryan Howard around the 2011 ISO charts is hilarious, but its not exactly indicative of their relative strength.
That said, there isnt much of a value distinction between a ringing double off the wall along with a speed double where Bourjos just outruns the opposing outfielder. The former might be more effective at scoring a jogger from first with two outs, but the difference is going to be minor throughout the year. If Bourjos wheels allow him to get himself in scoring position on balls that will ordinarily be singles, well, that still counts.
Yes, he has only 278 plate appearances in the Majors, but Bourjos showed similar extra base hit ability within the minors as well. In Triple-A last season, Shaq Lawson Jersey  39 of his 130 hits selected extra bases, and the lowest ISO in any full-season league was .142. Bourjos has consistently hit the ball into the outfield often enough to gather doubles and triples, and that he even muscles up from time to time  he hit 49 home runs in the minor league career.
In reality, Bourjos lousy offensive line last year evolved as the result of the .228 BABIP, the type of number that is unsustainably low for a plodding catcher, much le s a speed-burner who can bunt his way aboard and outperform infield singles with regularity. This season, hes posting another unsustainable BABIP, however the other way, as hes at . Duke Williams Jersey 412 so far this year. He wont keep that up either, but based on his speed, his expected true talent BABIP is almost certainly north of .300.
However, despite a .278 BABIP for his career now, his wOBA is an acceptable .297, which puts him about 10 runs below a typical hitter over the course of a full season. Considering his defensive prowe s, which makes Bourjos a pretty useful player, also it certainly doesnt qualify him as somebody who cant hit.
Hes not going to be a high on base guy, but Bourjos ability to get multiple bases when he does jump on base lead him to better than other defensive specialists. He has some glaring flaws, but he is doing enough else well to justify his spot in the line-up, and is showing enough there shouldnt be too many more articles penned about how exactly he cant hit. He can Colton Schmidt Jersey t walk, but thats just not the same thing.