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Button for 'Helios Multi' theme (Bloc)
« on: February 17, 2006, 03:46:03 pm »
This is a shop button for the 'Helios Multi' theme by Bloc. It was made using the Bloc Zone Button Generator.

The file for the button is attached to this post. Please save this to Themes/Helios_Multi/images/shop.gif

Theme Modifications
Now, we need to add the button to the theme. First, go into your SMF Administration Panel. Click on 'Theme and Layout Settings' and then click on 'Helios Multi'.  There should be a section for additional buttons, as shown below:

The information for the button is:
Use button 1: Ticked
Path: shop.gif
Link: index.php?action=shop
Show for members only? Ticked

Then, your shop button should be working :D
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