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He much resentment that he had
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He much resentment that he had no right to speak in Cleveland, the situation may be different. But I am afraid this will only deepen the public's dislike for his aversion to Cleveland fans, the upcoming regular season opener, both the Celtics and the Cavaliers probably want to forget the old passions together.   From entering the NBA start, Rose this summer is his first career experience to become a free agent process. From 2008-09 the start of the season to now, Ross on salary income also received a total of 1.16 billion dollars, which is considered quite good. Today's game, En Bide finally return to the track, and the performance is quite eye-catching, the first half played only 11 minutes, and then scored 20 points 7 rebounds.
Ross and Knight signed this summer, he wanted to seek a big contract in the market, but in the end he got a salary of 210 million dollars. However, Ross said this is not a problem. "I got a chance, let me re-introduce myself to the league, I said to myself gamble," In an interview with US reporters Dave Ross - said in an interview���������, "This is why I will one of the reasons to Knight, I bet myself down, but I came to Chicago, I have a kind of spirit, which in my inner heart, man. next time, you have to pay me a lot of money, you have to give me turn times, so now that the annual salary for me no trouble. "
Ross said the next contract doubled, from literally nothing but 420 million dollars only, which is certainly not what he wants, what he means is the inevitable next contract may take about fat. Since Roth past history of injuries too severe, both sides have conducted a number of knee surgery, so a lot of teams are skeptical of his state, he did not dare to open a big contract. For Ross, his ideas have no problem if he played this season in Cleveland wonderful performance, while maintaining healthy, he can still re pursue lucrative contract next year summer. Ross last season with the Knicks played 64 games, averaging battle 32.5 minutes, contributed 18 points, 4.4 assists, and 3.8 rebounds.