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why vertical roller mill must be shut down
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In general, the correct shutdown sequence of vertical roller mill is to first stop the feeder can reduce the burden on the host, otherwise, stop the first stop feeding the material grinding room will be the accumulation of material, then the next boot, the host's burden will increase, and then the order of the host and fan, the host is generally the first to stop the host more appropriate.

So you can reduce the amount of material in the grinding room to increase wear roller abrasion, the other is vertical roller mill fan and the analysis of the order of the stop, requiring the first stop Analytical machine and then stop the fan, the purpose of doing so is the fan and the analysis machine with the realization of the material transport and screening process, the fan constantly blowing powder material, if the analysis machine to stop, a large number of materials will be delivered directly to the wind powder Therefore, the shutdown sequence of fans and analyzers must be analyzed before the fans are in the rear.

The article describes the reason why vertical roller mill must be shut down in accordance with the order of the problem, the above detailed analysis of the correct shutdown sequence, and the different parts of the shutdown effect, through these introductions can be found, the correct shutdown sequence for the host Burden and the quality of finished products have a greater impact, need to be shut down according to specific needs.