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which went to woodchuck
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The teaching process in education is often encountered such a situation, students obsessed with computer, television, novels and other studies tend to relax, to forget the initial goal to pursue, in view of this situation, teachers may wish to give them a story called: There are three only hounds chasing a woodchuck, woodchuck into a tree holes. There is only one export of the tree holes, could be soon, tree holes drilled from a white rabbit, rabbit run forward very fast, Pursued and harried by three dogs, rabbits urgent, and "miso" another climb of about . Rabbit in the trees and desperate not to stand, all of a sudden fell down from the positive three dogs, rabbits opportunity and ran away. After the finished thing, teachers should ask students: "This story has problems?" Students might say: "Rabbits do not climb a tree." "At the same time can not be a rabbit hound 3." ... ...

Until the students can not find a problem, teachers said: "However, there is a problem, you have not mentioned what went woodchuck?" Taking advantage of a time when students, teachers to educate school students on topics arising: "soil call the Rat, the goal pursued by hounds, but as a result of the emergence of rabbits, dogs have changed, we are unconsciously thinking of playing the poor woodchuck in our minds has disappeared. "in the pursuit of life goals We are sometimes fascinated by , sometimes interrupted detail, sometimes scattered on some chores, come to a halt in the middle, lost, or the wrong path, so the initial goal.
"Students who have a long road of life is very long, the temptation of both plants, and mountain peaks of the block stack, you must always remind ourselves - which went to the woodchuck, do not forget that the pursuit of your life the. "

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Re: which went to woodchuck
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Taking advantage of a time when students, teachers to educate school students on topics arising....?
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